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Shadow Organisation | Helping Business Understand Their Customers

Do you know what your customers want and what their expectations are? Did you know that over 80% of satisfied customers don't return to a business?

Just checking that your customers are satisfied doen't mean that they will return to your business. And many studies show that it is far costlier to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Shadow Organisation has the complete suite of services to enable you to really understand your customers, and keep them coming back.

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What Do Your Customers Want? And What Do They Get?

Finding out what your customers actually experience when they visit or contact your business can be an eye-opener. Businesses know how they want their customers to be treated but it often doesn't happen as they expect. See your business through your customers' eyes with Shadow Shopper

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Are Your Customers Getting The Right Customer Experience?

A strong brand depends on customers getting the same experience every time at every location. That's why checking that things are happening as they should is vitally important. Manage your own internal compliance program with Shadow QC, or use Shadow Audits. With our Australia-wide workforce of 46,000 you can manage a great program without needing a large staff in the field.

Do you have great customer service? Find out with Shadow Shopper : secret shoppers for your business

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Customer Expectations and Experience

Brand Strength and Compliance
  • Manage your internal compliance
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  • Can't be everywhere at once? Use
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